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What People Say

Met Artists Mary Dunleavy, John Cheek and Josepha Gayer report that they now:

  • Learn Music and Staging Faster
  • Sing with greater clarity, resonance and power in their voices
  • Have unblocked access to the emotional state of the character
  • Have better pre-performance and performance strategy

 As one of the fastest-rising sopranos on the international scene, Mary Dunleavy has received enthusiastic critical and popular acclaim.

"I worked with [Rae] on my day off, between performances. There was a dramatic difference for me just in that one day. Since then, I keep going to her when I am around, and we also do some work on the phone. The main difference for me was that I was able to let go of the inner critic and the distraction of so many things going on in a performance. I could focus on each moment as it came. It was part relaxation but also part mental focus: starting to find 'he zone.'

"When I sat down in front of the neurofeedback screen, I thought I should have to work harder or make something happen. That is part of my personality, and it can get in the way. So it became part of the challenge: to just let the brain do its work without forcing it. It was hard to let go of the need to control, but with practice and time, and seeing the results, I could do it.

"Now I can get into the characters easier because I let go of my reservations and self-critiques. Audience reaction is much more profound when I am fully present.

"I would totally recommend this program to all performers. I think every performer has a level of self-criticism while they are performing or auditioning. To be able to leave that and just do your performance is a freeing and wonderful thing.

"People shouldn't mistake this for therapy. This is very scientific. The neurofeedback is teaching your brain new patterns, and opening up the parts that allow you to be more present in your body and to still your mind."

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John Cheek is an internationally renouned bass-baritone and featured artist with the Metropolitan Opera. Here's what he is saying about Inner Act:

"Nothing that I have found in my 30 year career has helped me nearly as much as my work with Rae Tattenbaum. I have discovered real freedom in performing, and new resonance and power in my singing. Neurofeedback and peak performance training have shown me how to discover and use much more of my talents."

"I was very happy with my performance Saturday night. Our work has enabled me to do my best with consistency."

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Josepha Gayer is an internationally renouned mezzo-soprano who recently had her Metropolitan Opera debut:

"I was visiting John and Lee Cheek in the Berkshires last summer, and John was telling me about his experience with Rae Tattenbaum's program INNER ACT.

"I was intrigued because I was about to make my Metropolitan Opera debut, covering seven performances and appearing in the final show, without having the process of stage rehearsals, etc. I began the work with Rae and was immediately aware of how my brain operated, and how much my concentration could improve. As I continued with the training, I was able to memorize more quickly and still retain the material, and in rehearsal, could "get" blocking and choreography like I had never been able to before.

"The work I continue to do with Rae has been a Godsend. It has enabled me to deal with all kinds of situations in my personal life, keeping them separate from the work situation, thereby enabling me to totally focus on the singing, drama, and stage work at hand. Rae has given me tools that I use all the time on how to clear out my head, keep my eye on the goal at hand, and succeed in ways unimaginable. The ultimate example of that was the night of my Met debut. I began my staging, slowly climbing up the raked deck of the JENUFA set, and when I reached the apex of the deck, I looked out at the darkened theater. My mind froze for a second, my mouth became dry, and I immediately thought to myself-I know why I am here, and keep your eye on the goal, Josepha. I walked downstage and took off on a great ride for the rest of the performance. It was that split second of concentration loss that the training enabled me to get right back into my "game" and do my work. I would recommend that all singers, whether early in their career or later, take this training. It is so important for what we have to accomplish, given all the elements a singer must deal with in a single performance."

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Trudy, an international award winning soprano, wrote after an Inner Act two day intensive:

May, 2003
"There's been a change in me.  It's difficult to quantify/qualify... but there is a peacefulness and ease and a knowing that all the artistic/vocal/spiritual/emotional tools are there and in effect and at my disposal to use.  I had a voice lesson, and the vocal warm up, as a result of the biofeedback was much shorter, because I could put myself where I needed to be.  But frankly, the positive results of the 2 day intensive have stayed with me and I'm dealing from a much calmer more centered core.

"I feel that the two days spent with you were filled with tremendous progress and I am so impressed and grateful for your talent which is so broad and multifaceted and effective.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work with me." 

June, 2003
"I am doing really well.  The practicing is easier, I seem to get to a point where I can focus and release my muscles so that I can be "there" from the beginning in the warm up.  I've noticed and increase in breath support with certain extremely difficult and sustained pieces, which require total breath support and at the same time a quietude, because of the nature of the piece.  I haven't had as much time to practice on a daily basis as I am temporarily sans baby sitter, but I have used the time well and without regret, as we had discussed last week.  I am excited and eager to continue this work."

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